Software DevelopmentHu Life Cycle Management

Software DevelopmentHu Life Cycle Management

It appears that there is a typo in your question. I assume you meant to ask about "Software Development Life Cycle Management."

Software Development Life Cycle Management (SDLCM) is the process of managing and overseeing the entire software development life cycle, from conception to delivery and maintenance. It involves planning, tracking, and controlling various stages of the software development process to ensure successful and efficient delivery of software projects. SDLCM encompasses multiple methodologies and practices, each with its own set of activities and processes.

Here are the key stages typically involved in Software Development Life Cycle Management:

Requirements Gathering and Analysis: In this initial stage, project stakeholders gather and analyze requirements from users, customers, and other stakeholders to understand what the software should achieve. Requirements are documented and used as a basis for the development process.

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